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Business CCTV Installation in Bangalore

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Business CCTV Installation in Bangalore

We install CCTV for all Business & Commercial clients across Bangalore, Karnataka.

Schools & Colleges

Monitor staff and students, deter unwanted visitors & detect intruders. We help schools and colleges protect their buildings and staff against intrusion. Having the ability to remotely monitor entrances and hallways can help prevent bullying and protect staff.

Solar Farm CCTV

Securing huge solar projects is usually a awfully expensive business – our solutions look to reducing costs by covering perimeters with CCTV backup by 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring – thereby reducing guarding costs and overheads.

Bars, Pubs & Clubs

Keep an eye on customers both inside and outside of your licensed premises.

Building Sites & Plant Machinery

Protect your plant, machinery and tools with a varierty of security systems.

Holy Places & Community Centres

Vandalism, theft and criminal damage are a true threat which can be detered with CCTV.

Driveways and front of house

CCTV cameras covering vehicles on your driveway

Factories & Warehouses

having the ability to monitor large spaces easily is important in modern factories.


Stock, livestock and equipment theft is on the rise , which can be detered with CCTV.

Flats & Apartments

Controlling and monitoring who enters buildings is extremely important.


Protect your car, van or lorry by using security cameras.


Monitoring client movement is important in busy and enormous hotel establishments.


With large moments of individuals equals opportunist thieves and vandals.


Non payment may be a very real problem – record faces on entry.


Shoplifting costs thousands, deter, monitor and record criminals.


ANPR and parking area control is an efficient and sensible solution.

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