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An EZVIZ NVR X5C is very much flexible and easy to use.

  • The X5C is a wireless NVR with an HDMI and VGA ports to connect a TV and monitor the live or recorded video footage of the IP security cameras.
  • The X5C-4 supports at maximum up to 4 Wi-Fi cameras.
  • The NVR offers a Wi-Fi signal range of up to 300ft/100m.
  • The X5C (ezNVR) has a wireless range up to 100 meters in open spaces and can penetrate through layers of wall.
  • The X5C NVR can record from up to 4 Wi-Fi cameras at the same time in various modes like continuous/scheduled/motion detection.
  • The X5C (ezNVR) connects up to 4 cameras so you can monitor different rooms simultaneously with multi-split screen monitoring for complete coverage with no blind spots.
  • The X5C NVR supports from 1TB to 6TB SATA HDD storage which helps for 24/7 continuous live viewing and recording the video footage from all the cameras connected to the NVR.
  • The X5C (ezNVR) supports Full HD 1080p live viewing and video playback.
  • EZVIZ offers a free mobile app which can be used to remotely access the EZVIZ Wi-Fi NVR. This helps to remotely access the live view or recorded footage on the NVR even when you are away from your home or workplace.
  • EZVIZ X5C NVR offers an open architecture which will help users to add any third party make cameras. Key Specifications: Antenna Numbers: 2. Maximum Wireless Range: 100m. Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz. VGA Port: 1. HDMI Port: 1. Storage Capability: Supports 1TB to 6TB 3.5” HDD for video recording. USB2.0 Port: 1. Product Dimensions: 235mm x 270mm x 44.5mm. Product Weight: 900gms.
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  • HDMI and VGA outputs-Equipped with HDMI and VGA ports, the X5C (ezNVR) is compatible with a variety of monitors to suit your needs.
  • Supports up to 4 Wi-Fi cameras.X5C-4 connects up to 4 Wi-Fi cameras so you can monitor different rooms simultaneously with multi-split screen monitoring, for complete coverage with no blind spots.
  • Up to 6TB Local Storage-Select from 1TB to 6TB built-in storage so that your videos can be stored locally and securely.
  • High-Definition Video Playback-The X5C (ezNVR) supports Full HD 1080p live view and video playback, so you don’t miss any details. (720p default setting. Can be changed to 1080p manually)
  • Works with Third-Party Cameras-The X5C works with non-EZVIZ IP cameras that conform to third-party standards
  • Quick Setup-The X5C (ezNVR) features One-Key Access setup for connecting multiple cameras quickly and easily and supports real-time status monitoring.
  • Easy Control and Management-With the EZVIZ app or EZVIZ Studio, you can remotely control the X5C (ezNVR) to playback video or view a live feed even when you’re away from your home or shop.
  • Strong, wall-penetrating signal- The X5C (ezNVR) has a wireless range up to 100 meters in open, spaces and can penetrate through layers of wall.



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